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Juana shares her journey towards a healthier and more complete haircare routine with monthly treatments of Prismax Nutritivo Hair Botox.
Watch her video below to find out what she said.

Juana has been using Prismax for almost 4 years.

Prior to Prismax, she relied on hair relaxers to keep her hair styled. When she noticed that her hair started to feel dried out as a result of the hair relaxers, she decided that the time to find a safer and healthier alternative was now.

Juana shares that her hair struggles began as a result of chemical processes such as hair relaxers. Obviously, as advocates of healthy haircare, we advise all of our clients and community members to avoid chemical processes such as hair relaxers, keratin treatments, and brazilian blowouts.

However, if you decide to continue using chemical processes, rest assured that Prismax is safe to use and compatible with most processes in an effort to keep hair healthy and hydrated. For more detailed information, read the full instructions.

After using Prismax, she noticed her hair felt softer and was more manageable when styling. She began with monthly treatments of Prismax. After the 5th treatment, her hair had improved so much, that she only uses Prismax, every 3-4 months for maintenance.

After years of mistreatment, Juana finally regained her hair's health and is very happy with her hair.

Thousands of women have had similar experiences with Prismax. You can read some of their reviews here.

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