How Does Prismax Nutritivo Work?

How does Prismax Nutritivo work? Watch this video to find out!

How Prismax Works:

Prismax is made of essential moisturizing ingredients and vitamins that work in conjunction to make hair healthier in two parts:

Prismax's complex of powerful moisturizers penetrate the hair cuticles to shock the hair shaft with an emergency-supply of humectants, including Provitamin b5 Panthenol. Panthenol is capable of absorbing and holding 100x its own weight in water. This means that Panthenol and the other moisturizers will be able to keep your hair hydrated for extended periods of time, as long as the complex is able to stay in the hair.

That is where the second half of the process begins.

As the rush of moisturizers and provitamin b5 Panthenol enters the hair shaft, another essential vitamin, B6, begins to repair and smooth the outside cuticles to regulate the hair's porosity and help keep the moisturizers inside the hair shaft for longer periods of time. The less porous the hair, the longer the moisturizers are able to stay in the hair. Prismax works progressively to repair hair porosity by smoothing and healing raised, damaged cuticles during each treatment. As hair porosity returns to a healthier level, each treatment will produce longer-lasting results.

On average, new clients should apply Prismax monthly for at least 5 months or until the hair porosity returns to its optimal level. Then, use as needed.

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