How Does Prismax Nutritivo Affect Natural Curls?

The great thing about curly hair is it can be worn in so many ways, whether you rock your natural curls or want to switch it up with a sleek look. But one of the things you need to keep consistent is your hair care routine. Curly hair is easily damaged and needs a little TLC to stay healthy, moisturized and soft. Luckily, with the right products, you can help your curl pattern thrive!


How does Prismax Nutritivo work?

Prismax Nutritivo is the monthly hair treatment that every hair type needs! It works by rejuvenating the hair shaft from the inside out, coating each strand with a powerful blend of vitamins and moisturizers - perfect for color treated, bleached and damaged hair. With a natural shine and a noticeable difference in the manageability of your hair, you can say goodbye to frizzy, dry locks and say hello to beautiful sleek hair that’s healthy and protected.

What does the moisturizing treatment do to curly hair?

Curly hair comes in all textures, curl patterns and porosities - that’s what makes it so unique! The Prismax Nutritivo can be used on all hair types including curly hair. It’s not a straightening treatment, so if you’ve just started your natural hair journey there’s no need to worry.

There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with your hair, wearing curly styles, or straight styles but heat and chemicals can cause serious damage to your curls. Alternatively, Prismax Nutritivo helps you achieve sleek looks but it is not a straightening treatment. Instead, it moisturizes and strengthens your natural hair pattern. So, while your hair might be straight after the treatment is applied, your curls will not permanently disappear. If anything, the curl pattern may soften by 1-2 curl patterns. 


How do different curl patterns benefit from our monthly hair treatment?

According to the commonly used hair chart, type 2 hair is waves, type 3 is curls and type 4 is kinky/coily hair. The amazing thing about our products is that everyone can use them no matter how straight or curly your hair is. Our treatment aims to improve the condition and manageability of your hair so it can thrive, and curls are no exception!



Type 2 hair can be loose or defined waves or a combination of both. However, when the hair pattern moves from straight to waves, frizz often takes hold which makes it harder to achieve a defined pattern. Hydration is key as keeping the lengths of your hair well moisturized will combat dryness so each strand forms together to create beautiful waves. Prismax Nutritivo can provide your waves with the boost of moisturizing that it needs. After using the treatment your dull, unmanageable waves will look and feel rejuvenated, so styling is a breeze! Styling your curls is all about good preparation as you want to leave your hair alone as much as possible once it’s dry. The moisturizing treatment will do a lot of the work for you so your waves stay full and defined, providing an excellent foundation to improve the overall health and condition of your hair.



Type 3 hair is classified as loose ringlets to corkscrew curls. Just like type 2 hair, curls also need a lot of moisture to stay healthy. Curls are very delicate so choosing the right kind of products is essential for long-term maintenance. Adding treatments into your hair care routine is one of the best ways to care for your curls and our Prismax Nutritivo treatment is particularly good for high porosity curls - this means there are gaps in the cuticle so you can lose moisture as quickly as you absorb it.



Type 4 hair usually has a curl pattern that zig-zags or form ‘O’ shaped curls. Since this kind of hair is so tightly packed together it can get tangled very easily which makes detangling harder and often leads to breakage. The extra tension that’s put on the hair will affect its condition. Using a monthly hair treatment like Prismax Nutritivo will stop your hair from snapping and give your locks a salon-quality finish. Creating good hair care habits is essential for type 4 hair as it's the most prone to breakage and our carefully designed treatment will bring out the best in your hair.

Are your curls in need of a moisture boost? Do you want soft, beautiful hair that’s frizz-free? Take a look at our Prismax Nutritivo treatment today and watch your hair transform!

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