About Us


We are Prismax Cosmetics.

Thank you for your interest in our brand and our hair care products.  Here’s what we are all about.

For the last 15 years, Prismax Cosmetics has been an industry leader in offering powerful, moisturizing hair treatments used by cosmetologists worldwide. Now, Prismax products are available to consumers as well as professionals, helping women everywhere achieve softer, healthier hair at home!

Since launching in 2017, PrismaxUSA has served tens of thousands of women in United States, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Territories with reliable hair care products. We have helped women rejuvenate their hair back into a healthy state.

PrismaxUSA is the official distributors of Prismax Cosmetics products in the United States. PrismaxUSA is a private business currently operated from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

Prismax believes that every woman has the right to affordable, salon-quality haircare treatments to achieve healthier hair. Prismax Cosmetics specializes in rejuvenating all hair types back to a softer, manageable, and healthier state. We make sure that all of our products are safe, keeping all harmful chemicals out of our products and away from your hair.

Prismax is not like other brands that sacrifice health for aesthetics. We put health at the helm of our focus. We make haircare products that add integrity and strength to hair, as well as give hair a beautifully silky smooth texture and shine.

We believe beauty stems from healthy hair. We refuse to add harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, parabens, or any of its derivatives to our products. Instead, Prismax uses essential vitamins such as B6 and Panthenol (B5 pro-vitamins) to restore and rejuvenate hair from the inside out.

Our focus is to provide our customers and clients with amazing hair care solutions and even better customer service. We are nothing without you, and we thank everyone that has supported us. We enjoy building long, lasting relationships within the hair community.

We are proud of the raving reviews our clients have given Prismax products.

“Today I received my product . I couldn't wait to use it.. I must say this is the best product out there I was a little afraid to try something new I have use many many other product with no success but I must say this is the best my hair feels so smooth n so shine I can't believe it .I normally use frizzy oil or coconut oil but this time I didn't have to use any of the oils just use the prismax .my hair was so burn and super dry n this product work so good .. i still need more work on my ends but using this for the frist time I didn't expect to be this good .. differently customer for life and now I have 3 other people that is going to purchase this..they saw my hair the way it was before n the after they r in shock how good my hair came out.”

- Barbara M.

“I normally don't do reviews of any products or anything, but had to go out of my way and do this one because it was worth it and I highly recommended for any of my girl friends and family who want to restore your hair or if you just want to give it a nice treatment. I normally do my hair, but i recently did a red ombre, and I noticed my hair started to get brittle, frizzy and very damaged. I tried some products, oils, but didn't see any changes. Until I saw the Prismax ad on Facebook and thought I would give it a try. Let me tell ya, it was a hit!! It was everything my hair needed. It felt soft, silky, my ends looks great, and every part of my hair feels amazing. From the moment you start rinsing it out, you can feel the difference. So lady's, I 100% recommend this treatment, the best thing is that, it's affordable! I only payed $12.99 and it only took about 6 days for me to receive it and the instructions are easy. I'm really happy with the results I definitely do this every month as they recommend. Thank you, PRISMAXUSA.”

- Erika O.


We hope that you enjoy using Prismax.