How Much Money Women Spend on Hair Care

How Much Money the Average Women Spends on Hair Care.

From getting highlights and trims at the salon to shampooing, blow drying and styling at home, women invest a lot of money and time into their hair. According to a new survey conducted by, those numbers equate to roughly $80 and 11 hours per month.

When added up, the site reports that the average woman will drop $55,000 in a lifetime on hair products and treatments.

To come to this conclusion, the e-tailer asked 2,000 women across the United States to reveal their haircare routines and concerns.



If you live in California, Florida or Texas, you're likely to spend even more than that $55,000 figure. These states were ranked at the top of the survey's 'most expensive hair list', with women's monthly budgets topping $120.

If you're a low-maintenance girl, you might want to pay a visit to North Carolina, where participants claim to spend just $20 on their hair every month. 

We know that shampooing less can actually lead to healthier strands and that not all hair textures need to be washed as frequently as others, so the designation shouldn't be perceived as negative.

Other states who topped specific categories were Kansas (home of the most naturally straight hair), Alabama (the most curly hair) and  Ohio (the most redheads).

Women in California spend the most on their hair monthly, while those in North Carolina spend the least.


Colorists must have their hands full if nearly 90 percent of women dye their hair.

No matter what state you reside in, you're likely a fan of hair dye. To enhance their appearance, 89 percent of respondents said that they turn to a colorist. The most popular shade they ask for? Blonde.  

Hairspray and flat irons are also popular for image-boosting purposes, which makes sense considering that 30 percent of women said they 'suffer' from frizz-prone hair and 60 percent are concerned with a lack of volume. 

Despite the recent celebrity trend of ultra-long hair, women are apparently not worried about length enough to wear hair extensions. Only three percent said they invest in them yearly and 93 percent of those who have them never use them.



How can you achieve beautiful hair without breaking the bank?

Spending $80/ month ($960/ year) on hair care is ridiculous to say the least. About half of that amount is spent on a variety of hair care products that only provide temporary relief. The other half is spent on salon services that have long term hair health costs that dry and damage hair (Keratin Treatments, Blowouts, Relaxers, Coloring, etc.) To recuperate from those "services", you must perform regular upkeep with products that only provide short term benefits and no longterm plan.

Prismax changes that. We understand women will continue to color and blowout their hair, however they could be saving some serious coin by using a product that only needs to be used on a monthly basis and that repairs, rejuvenates, and protects hair from damage. 


1 Treatment: $12.99/ month
3 Treatments: $32.99 - $11/ month  (save $6) 
5 Treatments: $54.95 - $11/ month  (save $10) 
Prismax saves you time and money on your hair care routine by smoothing and repairing hair on a monthly basis. Prismax makes your hair softer, smoother, and more manageable. Because Prismax keeps your hair hydrated and protected from outside elements, salon services last a lot longer. So, you will save money going to the salon every year, as well.
Some women who use Prismax now only go to salons for haircuts because they realize the natural beauty their healthy hair has over the processed version they were used to.

In one year:
4 Quarterly Haircuts - $200.
Prismax - $100
Shampoos and Conditioners - $150
Total: $450/ year in hair care.
You can save up to $510/ year in hair care costs by using Prismax Nutritivo Treatments monthly.

Prismax Nutritivo Treatments

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