Can I Use Hair Rollers To Dry My Hair With Prismax?

 The quick answer is yes, of course! After, using one of our Prismax Nutritivo Treatments drying your hair with hair rollers can be a great way to add style to your hair. Our Prismax Soft Bonnet Hood Dryer Attachment is the perfect product for the job and is compatible with all hair rollers. Investing in your hair maintenance with the Prismax Premium Soft Hood Bonnet Dryer Attachment is the best way to go. The Prismax Soft Hood Attachment is made with waterproof material meant to stand the test of time and many drying sessions.

The adjustable bonnet hood allows you to adjust the fit around your unique head size, hairstyle, and hair accessories (rollers, clips, flexirods, etc). While our flexible, lightweight material makes it light on the head while still trapping the heat for effective drying.

Our wide hose size (9 inches perimeter) allows for a robust flow of warm air to your hair while you set, style and condition. The long hose design (greater than 3 feet) allows for easy movement while you are under your hood. Your new favorite hood dryer attachment gives you consistent and even flow throughout the hood with evenly distributed hole opening in the hood for a consistent, gentle flow just like at the salon. The Prismax Bonnet Hood Attachment was designed for ultimate comfort, flexibility, and functionality for almost any head size or any hairstyle.


The Perks Of Using Hair Rollers And our Prismax Bonnet Hood Attachment

There are various reasons why we recommend using hair rollers and our Prismax Hood Dryer Attachment to curl your hair. Firstly, for people with fine or thin hair using hair rollers to heat and dry your hair is one of the best methods to go with. Even for people who don’t have fine or thin hair using hair rollers to dry and style your hair can provide style to your hair without having to make an appointment with a hair stylist, a stylish curly look can be achieved from the comfort of your home. Secondly, using our hood dryer attachment is convenient as you can use it in the comfort of your own home.  Since it is so compact and transportable you can use the Prismax Bonnet Hood Attachment in any room of your home. 

The Prismax Bonnet Hood Attachment is also perfect to use for hair treatments (we recommend using our Hair Nutritivo treatments, click here to learn more about them) because it opens up the hair cuticles and lets your hair soak up all the healthy nutrients. Blow Dryer without the hood attachment does not offer these benefits. 


What Are The Best Rollers For Me To Use?

Foam rollers are typically used for tighter curls or waves. These foam rollers can be used after towel drying your hair and can also be used to sleep with.

Velcro rollers typically give a more gentle curl and wave to your hair compared to foam rollers, depending on the amount of time you place them under heat.

Does Size Matter?

Yes! The larger the roller the smaller the curl. If you desire more defined curls go for smaller hair rollers.


Best Way To Use Hair Rollers With Our Prismax Bonnet Hood Attachment

Before rushing to go and use our hooded dryer attachment and hair rollers to style your hair it’s important to know that you should begin this process with freshly washed and conditioned hair. We recommend using our Prismax line of shampoo and conditioner. Using the Prismax Control Care Shampoo and Conditioner can help you to achieve maximum results.

After washing allow for your hair to air dry until it is about 85% to 90% dry. Then proceed to add rollers to your liking and after having finished adding all the rollers attach your Prismax Soft Bonnet Hood Dryer Attachment to your blow dryer and wait for your styled beautiful results.




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