How to Protect Your Hair After a Keratin Treatment by Using Prismax Nutritivo

While we definitely are not advocates of Keratin Treatments due to the harmful effects it has on your hair (read our article on why we believe women should stop putting Keratin Treatments on their hair and switch to a healthier alternative), we understand that we cannot stop everyone from doing them no matter how much we warn them.

If you do decide on a Keratin Treatment, it is very important that you take some preventative care after to protect your hair from the harmful effects the chemicals have on your hair.

The most common side effects of Keratin Treatments are dry, brittle, and damaged hair strands. That is why you should follow each Keratin Treatment with monthly treatments of Prismax Nutritivo to keep the hair moisturized and protected. Prismax is designed to work in conjunction with other treatments to maximize their benefits and minimize their detriments using a unique blend of essential moisturizers and vitamins that deliver moisture deep within the hair strand and smooths damaged/open hair cuticles.

After your Keratin Treatment, wait 14 days before applying Prismax. We suggest this waiting period due to the heating process. Keratin Treatments work by forcing open the hair cuticles then closing them up again. Heat, especially direct heat, also opens and closes the hair cuticles. Doing this too frequently can have damaging effects on the hair. The perfect waiting period between a Keratin Treatment and a Prismax Treatment is 14 days.

After using Prismax, you will notice your hair feels softer, moisturized, and healthier. Repeat Prismax monthly to ensure longterm results. 

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