New Product Alert - Hair Bonnet Attachment for Blow Dryer

Attention Prismax Clients,

We have added a new product to our lineup!

Reduce heat damage with our Hair Bonnet Attachment for your Blow Dryer.

Don't have a hooded hair dryer or a thermal cap? Our new Hair Bonnet attaches directly to your blow dryer so you can safely heat your hair.

Prismax requires heat application for the treatment to be effective. This is the perfect accessory to apply heat evenly on your hair.

Direct heat can be potentially dangerous for your hair. You should opt for indirect heat, instead. Our hair bonnet evenly diffuses the heat from your blow dryer to your hair. This helps reduce the risk of heat damage to better protect your hair when it is time to heat your hair.

Only $15 with Free Shipping.

Click Here to Order.

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