Prismax Nutritivo - What is it? And what does it do for your hair?

Are you struggling to keep up with your hair? Is your hair still unmanageable after an aggressive routine of hairsprays, texturizers, and oils? Your hair may be in desperate need of a deep-conditioning treatment.

What is Prismax Nutritivo?

Prismax Nutritivo rejuvenates and repairs dry/damaged hair using a unique blend of moisturizers and vitamins. Prismax works as a deep conditioning treatment that penetrates the hair strands to keep hair hydrated from within. Prismax does not contain any harmful chemicals and can be safely applied to your hair in the comfort of your own home. Prismax treatments can be the difference between dry and unmanageable hair and soft, moisturized, and manageable hair. 

Does Prismax Nutritivo have any side effects?

Prismax Nutritivo is a deep conditioning treatment made of a unique blend of moisturizers and vitamins. All the ingredients within are put in place to soften hair and make hair healthier. With no harmful chemicals, you should not experience any side effects doing a Prismax treatment.

How does it work?

Prismax Nutritivo is made of essential moisturizing ingredients and vitamins that work in conjunction to make hair healthier in two parts:
  1. Prismax's complex of powerful moisturizers penetrate the hair cuticles to shock the hair shaft with an emergency-supply of humectants, including Provitamin b5 Panthenol. Panthenol is capable of absorbing and holding 100x its own weight in water. This means that Panthenol and the other moisturizers will be able to keep your hair hydrated for extended periods of time, as long as the complex is able to stay in the hair. That is where the second half of the process begins.
  2. As the rush of moisturizers and provitamin b5 Panthenol enters the hair shaft, another essential vitamin, B6, begins to repair and smooth the outside cuticles to regulate the hair's porosity and help keep the moisturizers inside the hair shaft for longer periods of time. The more porous the hair, the easier it is for the product to escape. Prismax works progressively to lower hair porosity by smoothing and repairing raised, damaged cuticles during each treatment. As hair porosity returns to a healthier level, each treatment will produce longer-lasting results. On average, new clients should apply Prismax monthly for at least 5 months or until the hair porosity returns to its optimal level. Then, use as needed.

Who should use Prismax Nutritivo?

The best part of Prismax is that it works for all hair types. Prismax works on the molecular level to bring moisture into the hair strand and to soften and smooth the hair cuticle.
Prismax Nutritivo is a good deep conditioning treatment for anyone that needs to moisturize dry/damaged hair. It's also good for preventative maintenance. Simply adding Prismax to your routine monthly will fundamentally change your hair's condition to a healthier state.
You should use Prismax if you notice your hair is:
  • dry
  • coarse or rough
  • chemically damaged
  • opaque
  • dull
  • highly porous
  • frizzes very easily
  • over-processed with torn cuticles
If you are using Prismax for preventative maintenance, use Prismax on an as-needed basis or after coloring, highlighting, or chemical processes such as Keratin Treatments and relaxers to protect hair from drying out. You can use Prismax immediately after professional coloring/highlighting procedures. If you use at-home hair dyes, please wait at least 48 hours before using Prismax because this treatment is heat-activated. Please wait 15 days after Keratin Treatments and relaxers before using Prismax.
If you are using Prismax to repair/hydrate damaged hair, use Prismax monthly for at least 5 months, then enjoy up to 10 months of softer, healthier hair. If you process your hair, continue to use Prismax for preventative maintenance. Results are noticeable after the first treatment. Each subsequent treatment produces longer-lasting and more profound results!
Where can I order Prismax Nutritivo?
Prismax treatments are available directly from Here is the direct link to Prismax Nutritivo:
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