Using Prismax Nutritivo on Color-Treated Hair

This is one of the most common questions we receive from women inquiring about Prismax Nutritivo. The short answer is yes.
Whether you're a hair dye addict or only professionally color your hair once every 4 months, you may notice that your hair starts to feel dry soon afterward. The reason is that the coloring process uses chemicals that destroy the hair's protective layers, allowing the hair to become brittle, rough, and subject to outside elements. That is why we recommend putting some effort into protecting your hair from these harmful side-effects.
The best preventative maintenance after a hair dyeing/coloring session is a deep moisturizing treatment. Many professional hairstylists offer their clients Prismax as an add-on treatment after coloring to give hair that finishing touch and to protect hair from drying out between sessions.
Prismax  Nutritivo is designed with color-treated hair in mind. Prismax is completely color-safe and makes dull colors pop with a natural shine. Prismax is the go-to treatment for color-treated hair.
If you get your hair professionally colored, ask your stylist to finish up your coloring with Prismax Nutritivo. You can use Prismax immediately after a professional coloring service. Either bring the product and instructions with you to the salon or ask your stylist to order and have Prismax in stock for you when you get there.
If you color your hair at home using box-dyes, then we recommend waiting 48 hours before applying Prismax. Sometimes, at-home box-dyes do not settle into the hair right away. It is important to let the dyes settle before applying heat, which Prismax Nutritivo requires.

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