How To Use Prismax Nutritivo To Care For Dry Hair


How To Use Our Hair Care Treatments For Maximum Results

Taking care of dry hair is not as complicated as many people may think. Following simple hair care tips can make a world of difference. By giving your hair a little extra attention over time you’ll notice that your hair will feel softer and healthier. For more information on how to rejuvenate dry hair, including our Prismax Nutritivo treatments, shampoo and conditioner keep reading the article below!

Make the switch to hydro-nutritive hair care products


Tip One: The 2-Step Rejuvenating Hair Care Routine for Dry Hair

Step One:

It is pertinent to find and use products that are formulated to rejuvenate and moisturize dry hair. Many times for extremely dry hair, adding a pre-shampoo product into your routine can add an extra amount of nourishment to your strands. Prismax Clarifying Shampoo is a high quality, deep-cleansing  pre-wash shampoo that removes all oils and contaminants from the hair. The Prismax Clarifying Shampoo is meant to be used before applying the Prismax Nutritivo treatments and should not be used more than once per week. Prismax Clarifying Shampoo removes any hair product buildup, cleans hair that’s very oily, washes away hard-water impurities and chlorine and makes it easier to style your hair. When applying the Prismax Clarifying Shampoo gently massage into a thick lather and focus your shampooing mainly on your scalp and roots, since that’s the area that needs the most cleansing. Rinse out and then dry your hair and prepare for the next step.

Step Two:

Next up in taking care of your dry hair is using Prismax Nutritivo Treatments. Prismax Nutritivo provides a preventable measure for your hair so that when you style and wash your hair there is minimal damage. Prismax Nutritivo is filled with moisturizers and essential vitamins to nourish, rejuvenate and repair dry hair. After your first treatment with Prismax Nutritivo your hair will be noticeably softer, smoother and hydrated from Prismax’s unique blend. (Click here to read the full Prismax ingredients list)

For application, we recommend starting with clean hair, preferably after using the Prismax Clarifying Shampoo. After cleaning your hair and removing all the excess moisture it’s time to dilute the complete vial of Prismax Nutritivo with 3.5oz of room-temperature water (less than 104 °F) and mix until creamy. Next up apply the mixture strand by strand from root to tip using a small brush until the hair is fully saturated. After applying the mixture, thoroughly massage the strands to work the product into the hair. Continue until the Prismax Nutritivo treatment is evenly applied on the hair with no clumps. Then place a protective plastic cap over the hair and heat the hair for 20 minutes. (We highly recommend using a hooded hair dryer, thermal heating cap, or for best compatibility the Prismax bonnet hair attachment.) After those 20 minutes lightly rinse 50% - 70% of the product from the hair with water, leaving the remaining 30% - 50%. Finally, dry and style your hair to your preference. We recommend using a blow-dryer and rounded brush to dry the hair then using a flat iron to help seal the product into the cuticles for longer-lasting effects. Set the flat iron to 350°F, and pass it through the hair 2-3 times. WARNING: if using on fine or color treated hair lower the temperature to 300℉-325℉.

The Prismax Benefits For Your Hair

Prismax Nutritivo will ultimately leave your dry hair deeply conditioned and moisturized. Your hair will feel softer and look healthier with increased manageability. Your hair will also experience increased integrity and decreased drying times. Prismax Nutritivo also provides protection from outside elements and preventive maintenance to protect hair from drying out.


Tip Two: Wash Routine 

Avoid Hot Showers

When taking a shower, a nice hot steaming shower sounds good to many. However, that steaming shower can have temperatures that are too high for your hair to handle which can lead to dry hair. Believe it or not but steaming hot water can strip your hair of its natural and essential oils. Lowering your water temperatures and cutting down on your shower time are a great way to combat this. 

Wash With Sulfate-Free Products

Prismax Control Shampoo is sulfate-free, maintains and prolongs the benefits of the other Prismax products. Prismax Control Shampoo creates a connection between strands giving it a layer of protection that will fight against humidity throughout the day. The unique blend of Lipotein-Q keeps hair straight and well-styled. When applying massage throughout wet hair and rinse thoroughly. For the ultimate results, follow with Prismax Control Conditioner.  

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