Hair Guide Curl Pattern 3B

3B hair curl pattern example


Use this interactive calendar to see daily haircare guidelines based on your curl pattern.


If you have 3b natural hair, you might be looking for ways to eliminate frizz, define your curl pattern, and have the natural, healthy hair you’ve always wanted.

It’s the perfect time to be natural because there’s so much information about curly hair on the internet. YouTube has hundreds of videos on 3b natural hair types, but watching them for hours can get overwhelming. You want to get to the bottom of your hair issues and create a plan that will work well for your type of hair.

Adopting a natural hair regimen will become easier once you get the hang of it. You just have to learn a few details and build a habit. Consistency is the key. Once you do the same routine day after day, you’ll wake up one day and notice significant improvement.

In this post, we’ll look at 3b natural hair care so you can have the beautiful, healthy curls you’ve always wanted.


You’ve probably landed on this page because you’ve had one too many bad hair days, and you’re ready to begin or switch up your regimen. Your hair isn’t kinky like type 4 hair, but you’re no stranger to dryness. Your curly hair needs moisture too.

Moisture is your best friend because it will keep your curls from becoming too frizzy. Deep conditioning and the LOC method are two of the best ways to soak it in.

The most ideal 3b natural hairstyles are those that involve little manipulation. The wash and go will be your go-to hairstyle and one of your easiest. If you master moisturization, you won’t have much problem wearing your hair down after a shower.



    Moisture is essential for curly hair, especially if you have a high porosity or color treated hair.

    Prismax treatments will help strengthen your hair and will balance the moisturization. It’s a must if you have color-treated hair. Lightening the hair strips pigment away from the strand, resulting in porous hair. Prismax Nutritivo will fill in the gaps to restructure and restore the strand.

    Prismax Nutritivo is probably the easiest and most effective treatment you’ll find. Aim to do the treatment once per month. The nutrients will make a big difference to your curl definition and manageability.


    Your natural hair regimen should consist of a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a deep-condition, and a moisturization technique like the LOC method. This method works for curly queens because you layer on products to last throughout the week. Layering will save your hair from friction like ponytail holders and weather elements.

    Here is a breakdown of the LOC method:

    Water is by far the best hydration you’ll ever find, and that is your main ingredient for this stage. A shower counts as the first step, and you may want to keep a water spray bottle for use during the week. You can add eucalyptus to your bottle if you like. This is the perfect time to detangle your hair, too.

    At this stage, you’ll apply oils rich in antioxidants to moisturize and strengthen the hair shaft. Using oils like avocado and jojoba will give nutrients to your scalp and hair, and help to seal moisture in.

    Type 3b natural hair queens can try using a small amount of a curling cream. You’ll have to experiment, but if the product is too heavy, try a light leave-in-conditioner instead. 


    Getting suitable products for your hair will make a big difference in whether you can rock a wash and go or end up longing for your flat iron.

    The best products for 3b hair are those which moisturizes without weighing the hair down. A great shampoo for natural 3b hair is Prismax Sulfate-Free Shampoo. It will help prevent tangles even before you get to the conditioning stage.

    Here is a great 3b wash and go technique that will give you more volume and curl definition:

      1. Wash and detangle your hair.
      2. Part the hair into four sections, and apply a light oil to the first section.
      3. Apply a light curling product to a small clump of hair.
      4. Brush the small clump with a bristle brush until smooth.
      5. Shake the small section with your fingers, then move on to the next clump.
      6. Pull apart the clumps for even more volume.

    If you do decide to reach for your flat iron, you’ll appreciate knowing you can recover from heat damage by using a heat protectant. Prismax Treatments will help you strengthen and restructure after straightening 3b natural hair.

    Every curly queen experiences dry periods, where their hair looks frizzier than usual. It might even be snapping off or damaged. Steer clear of heated styling tools during this time and wait until your hair is healthy enough to handle the heat.

    Aim for heatless, protective styles like the roll, tuck, pin method, bantu knots, or a doobie wrap.

    Using a hair roller style will help stretch your hair without heat.

    There are plenty of short 3b natural hairstyles you can do besides the wash and go. Top buns or half up-half down styles are perfect for both short and long 3b natural hair

    You may not need a full twist or braid out as the kinkier patterns require, but making braids will add elegance and class to any style

    If you’re transitioning, or can’t wait to have long, luscious curls, try a natural hair weave. There’s a wide variety of curl patterns available on weaves, wigs, and extensions, including your 3b pattern.

    If you take care of your 3b natural hair by applying Prismax treatments, deep conditioning, and doing the LOC method, you’ll have luscious locks that you’ll love to wear in a wash-and-go or another cute style.

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