Who Should Use Prismax Nutritivo?

Who should use Prismax Nutritivo?

This is the most common question we receive from inquiring women.

  • Curly Hair:
  • All Prismax products are compatible with curly hair. You will not lose your curls! Prismax Nutritivo is not a permanent hair straightener. The treatment improves manageability and allows you to style to your preference easier.

  • Straight Hair:
  • You can use Prismax Nutritivo treatments as preventative maintenance to help protect your hair from harsh elements such as sun exposure, chlorine, or excessive heat damage.

  • Color-treated Hair:
  • The chemicals found in most hair dyes contain ingredients that are detrimental to the hair's natural health. Often times, color enthusiasts deal with highly porous hair that becomes susceptible to drying out. It's important to follow up each hair coloring session with a Prismax treatment to keep the hair healthy. Prismax will help to replenish dehydrated hair with essential moisturizers while giving hair a natural glow. Prismax treatments are color-safe and help to enhance the hair's vibrancy.

  • Bleached Hair:
  • Bleaching is a harsh process which can leave your hair damaged. Bleaching strips your hair of its natural oils that keep it protected and moisturized. Its chemicals can weaken the hair cuticle leaving the inner core of hair exposed and prone to moisture loss, which also leaves your hair feeling dry and brittle. We recommend using a Prismax treatment two weeks before and two weeks after the bleaching process. This will ensure that the hair is both prepared for the bleaching process and healthy afterwards.

  • Chemically-treated Hair:
  • Keratin treatments and hair relaxers have their benefits but there are also negative effects that come with these processes. Hair can dry out over time due to some of the chemicals used in these processes. That is why it is important to follow up each chemical process with a deep-conditioning treatment. Prismax Hair treatments will moisturize, protect the hair, and offset the negative effects from hair relaxers and keratin treatments.

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