Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prismax Nutritivo?

Prismax Nutritivo is a moisturizing treatment that repairs broken or damaged hair fibers with a powerfully concentrated array of active moisturizers and vitamins. Our proprietary blend is formulated to rejuvenate from the inside out, increasing hair's density. Prismax Nutritivo has the capability to recover damaged hair without losing volume. Your hair will feel softer, smoother, and healthier after just one treatment.

Where can I order Prismax products?

PrismaxUSA.com is the home of Prismax products. You can order Prismax products directly from our website.

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How much is a Prismax Starter Kit?

We offer three different kits that include Prismax Treatments, Clarifying Shampoo, Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner, and a Hooded Hair Dryer

Prismax Starter Kit - 3 Treatments: $65 with free domestic shipping

Prismax Starter Kit - 5 Treatments: $83 with free domestic shipping

Prismax Complete Kit - 5 Treatments: $129.99 with free domestic shipping


Can I use Prismax on colored hair?

Yes. Hair coloring can lead to dry and damaged hair. It is important to follow each professional coloring/highlighting or at-home hair dye with a Prismax Nutritivo treatment. You can use Prismax Nutritivo immediately after a professional coloring service. If you use an at-home dye, please wait 48 hours before applying Prismax. Read the complete guide on how to use Prismax on colored hair.

Prismax on color-treated hair

Can I use Prismax if my hair has had a Keratin Treatment or a relaxer?

Yes. Read our article about Prismax Nutritivo and Keratin Treatments. While we are not fans of Keratin Treatments and relaxers because of the harmful chemicals they contain (we explain it all here), we understand that we cannot convince everyone to stop using them. If you do decide to get a Keratin Treatment or a relaxer, it is important to follow it with a moisturizing treatment such as Prismax Nutritivo.

Protecting hair after a Keratin Treatment with Prismax Hair Botox

Can I use Prismax if I bleach my hair?

Yes. Read our article of Prismax Nutritivo and bleached hair. We recommend using Prismax Nutritivo 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after every time you bleach your hair. Use Prismax 2 weeks prior to help build up moisture in your hair before the bleaching process and 2 weeks after to protect the hair from drying out.

Using Prismax Hair Botox on bleached hair

What is Prismax?

Prismax specializes in revitalizing and protecting hair. Our main product is the Prismax Nutritivo Treatment. It is very easy to use and utilizes all safe ingredients that are designed to hydrate and repair hair. Prismax helps keep hair hydrated from within and repairs the cuticle to protect it from external elements. The results are softer, stronger, healthier, and more manageable hair. You should also see a reduction in drying time, opacity, and frizz. Prismax is a progressive treatment. Therefore, each subsequent treatment produces deeper and longer-lasting results. We recommend all new clients to use Prismax monthly for at least 5 months.

Is Prismax available in stores or only online?

At this time, Prismax is only available online. We are the official distributors of all Prismax products in the United States and its territories. Prismax is also available on Amazon. Only order from sellers PrismaxUSA and SpiroTek (our parent company).

Do you deliver outside the continental 48 states?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping.

How often should I use Prismax?

If you are using Prismax for preventative maintenance, use Prismax on an as-needed basis or after coloring, highlighting, or chemical processes such as Keratin Treatments and relaxers to protect hair from drying out. You can use Prismax immediately after professional coloring/highlighting procedures. If you use at-home hair dyes, please wait at least 48 hours before using Prismax because this treatment is heat-activated. Please wait 15 days after Keratin Treatments and relaxers before using Prismax.

If you are using Prismax to repair/hydrate damaged hair, use Prismax monthly for at least 5 months, then enjoy up to 10 months of softer, healthier hair. If you process your hair, continue to use Prismax for preventative maintenance. Results are noticeable after the first treatment. Each subsequent treatment produces longer-lasting and more profound results!

Who can use Prismax Nutritivo?
  • Prismax uses all safe, moisturizing ingredients that can be used by everyone.
  • Works on all hair types, colors, and textures.
  • Safe to use on dyed/bleached hair, after Keratin Treatments/Relaxers, and other processes.
  • What happens during application?

     Prismax is safe and easy to use at home. Here is the link to the instructions.

    Can I still color my hair?

    Yes. Prismax is colorsafe and can be used after other processes. It can be used after any hair treatment (even color) to protect the integrity of the hair and prevent long term damage.

    How much of the product do I use for my hair type/style/length?

    For most of our clients, one vial/ampoule is enough per treatment. 

    Does the product have a smell?

    Prismax has a pleasant, soft smell, and does not produce any fumes.

    Do you deliver to Puerto Rico?

    Yes. We ship to Puerto Rico. Orders usually arrive within 3-5 days.

    I have highlights. Will the product affect my hair color?

    No. Prismax is a powerful, deep-conditioning treatment, however, it does not affect color in any way.

    How does Prismax affect hair curl patterns?

    Prismax does initially loosen the curl pattern. As you wash your hair, your normal curl pattern will return.

    The product arrived, but does not look like a clear liquid like in the photos. It looks like a white paste.

    Due to Prismax's composition, the contents of the vial begins to solidify at temperatures below 64 degrees Fahrenheit. When the product returns to room temperature, it will return to its normal form, and will be safe to use.

    Is this product safe for hair that is already chemically smoothed?

    Yes. Prismax can work as a conditioning agent after Keratin Treatments, Relaxers, and other processes. Prismax will help to nourish and hydrate strands that may begin to dry out as a result of chemical processes.

    Does this product contain Silicone?

    No. Here is the full ingredients list.

    Does this product work on gray hair without turning it yellowish?

    Yes. Prismax contains hydrating ingredients to nourish gray hair and give it more shine without changing its color. Avoid using a flatiron, because the simple use of a flatiron may cause yellowing in the hair. The product will not do that.

    Does it reduce frizz?

    Yes. Prismax fixes high porosity, a major cause of frizz-prone hair. Prismax softens and smooths raised cuticles to make hair more resilient to the outside elements. This makes hair more manageable and less likely to frizz.

    How may we contact a representative directly?

    You may email us at contact@prismaxusa.com or give us a call at (484) 509-2157. We also respond to all comments and private messages on our social media pages: FB: @prismaxusa and IG: @prismaxusa

    How much are the Prismax Nutritivo Treatments?

    1 vial of Prismax is $12.99. 3 vials is $32.99. 5 vials is $54.95.

    When you rinse the product from the hair after applying heat, am I supposed to use shampoo?

    No, when rinsing out 50-70% of the product from the hair, just lightly rinse with water.

    One of the vials arrived broken, can I get a replacement?

    Yes, if there are any issues with the delivery of the product, we will replace it. Just provide photo evidence and your order number to contact@prismaxusa.com.

    How do I know when I rinsed 70% of the product from the hair?

    The hair should have a little slip remaining without having too much build-up on your hands when you slide your fingers across.

    I have dry and damaged hair, can I use Prismax?

    Yes, Prismax works on all hair types and all conditions to provide an essential boost of moisturizers and vitamins to hydrate and repair the cuticles for softer, smoother, and healthier feeling hair.

    Does Prismax affect the hair's natural curl pattern?

    Prismax softens the hair, but does not remove the curls.

    Must I use a flatiron, or can I let my hair air dry?

    You may dry and style your hair to your preference. The blow dryer and flatiron are just a suggestion.

    Can I continue to apply oils or other leave-in products after the Prismax treatment?

    Yes, you may continue your regular routine as you see fit. Just make sure the products are sulfate-free.

    When I wash my hair again, can I use regular conditioner?

    Yes, just make sure it is sulfate-free.

    Can I wash my hair the next day after applying Prismax?

    We recommend clients to wait 48-72 hours before washing the hair with shampoo and conditioner. Make sure they are sulfate-free.

    I don't have a measuring cup, how much is 3.5oz?

    When mixing the product, pour out the entire contents of the vial. The vial itself is 0.5oz. Fill the vial with water and mix with the product 7 times.

    How long do I heat my hair after applying the product?

    20 minutes using a hooded hair dryer, a thermal cap, or our hood attachment for blow dryers.

    How much is shipping in the United States?

    We offer free domestic shipping for orders $50+. For orders less than $50 or for international shipping, we offer a shipping calculator on the cart page. Simply add all the products you wish to order. Then press use the shipping calculator tool.